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Survival: Last Stand Mode

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! – Everyone behind the Wall

Hopelessly outnumbered. Outgunned. You’ve bet on the wrong side. Don’t go down so easily! Don’t give up! You might be doomed, but there’s hell to pay and you’re the one with the fire and the brimstone. See how long you can last against a supremely overwhelming force beating down on your doorstep.

It might not look like much now, but that one Biker will give you a world of pain.

It might not look like much now, but that one Biker will give you a world of pain.

It has one special rule. Once you’ve lost a property, you’ll never claim it back. No capturing, no way. You’ll have to focus on preventing the enemy from taking what’s going to be eventually theirs. But then, you’ve also got to take out the firepower. High score? How many days you make it before you’re ground into a fine powder.

While your fate is sealed, you can at least make your last stand. How long can YOU survive the onslaught?

This is one of the many survival modes the game will feature, each with a different flavour. Some of the modes in Advance Wars: Dual Strike may return as well. Or, something similar, perhaps!

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Design Maps Jukebox

“I once left my computer unlocked and someone replaced my entire music library with nothing but our army’s “CO Power” anthem on loop for 10 hours. How does anything think under those conditions!?” – Ali Prassad, Senior Architect

Everyone has a different way of working. Whether you’re planning your your workday, or designing an entire continent you need to be able to think. And not everyone can think while listening to those smooth, dulcet elevator tones associated with designing. Those days are over. TechnoRecords presents the music player you never knew you needed!

More than one song in Design Maps!? What sorcery is this?

More than one song in Design Maps!? What sorcery is this?

Complete with every song you’ve ever heard of in-universe, you can design to your heart’s content. With a healthy dose of inspiring music. We even do live demonstrations of our features.

TechnoRecords Music. Because Design is more than Elevator Music.

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CO-Unique Deployed Armies

“We wanted to give the place a personal touch, a bit of unique decor. You have to get the tanks to match the artillery, after all.” – Stefan, Military Exterior Decorator

For a long time, armies have marched into battle with little more than just a nod and a standard pre-deployed force. These days are now over!

Grit's Force has an extra Artillery.

In pre-deployed maps, each CO can have a unique assortment of units at their disposal. Usually they’ll be something that the CO uses well!

Eagle is running around with a spare Copter!

Puts a bit of a unique twist on deployed maps….

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“Soon after deployment, it wasn’t long till we faced the feared anti-anti-tank. Of course, we then simply deployed the anti-anti-anti-tank!” – Head of R&D, Roland Biggs

Tanks getting you down? Not to fear!

A relatively unguarded target!

The anti-tank is here! Much like it’s brethren in other conflicts, it packs a punch against copters and tanks!

Worth a shot!

It’ll take a pounding even from the toughest enemy tanks. Or Copters. And…

Flak has invader's remorse.

It still has all its old tricks…



Attack: Land Units, Vehicles, Infantry
Ammo: 5
Range: 1-4


Fuel: 50
Move: 4
Move Class: Tyre
Cost: 12000
Rebuild: 10
Skills: Counter-Attack
Class: Vehicle, Indirect


A stubborn defensive unit that is effective against Tanks and Copters.

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“War doesn’t determine who is right. War determines who is left.”

“In a world…” Oh wait, we can’t afford the Hollywood Voice Guy. Guess
a more matter-of-fact introduction will have to do.

Some wars are fought over land. Some are fought over principles. Some
are even fought over superglue (seriously!). This is the story of a
war between the fractured remains of a dead empire. Each faction is
driven by mistrust and fear. The heroes on each side have their own
motivations, which may or may not include REVENGE!  Here’s what we’re
bringing to the table:

Two unique, full-length campaigns, each featuring a different faction with different ways of waging war.

Ten playable commanders with all-new abilities.

A brand new world with its own stories and characters.

Continents, really?

No airports to be seen.

But wait – there’s more! Your choices in the campaign determine more
than just the outcome of the battle – they will decide the war itself!

A few harsh words.

Still plenty of war, unfortunately.

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Save Slots Upgrade

“More save slots? Every bozo on the street will be designing maps willy-nilly! We’re going to go broke!” – Cartographer’s guild spokesman, Phil Lins.

Ever thought that three is not enough?

So did we!

This is what should be a "worst case scenario"!

Happy cartography! Engineers with free time may even push this farther!

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“We ran out of ammunition one time…we resorted to dumping our backpacks. I think we gave the enemy a nasty bruise.” – Captain Carl

What can really be said about bombers? They’re bombers. They bomb.

Trouble off the port bow!

Well, at least you can use different types of Bombs.

Time to drop anchor!

Now with torpedos!


You’ll still use up your ammo, though…



Attack: Land Units, Vehicles, Infantry, Ships
Ammo: 6


Attack: Submarines
Ammo: Uses bombs ammo


Fuel: 99
Move: 7
Move Class: Aerial
Cost: 20000
Rebuild: 10
Skills: Heavy-duty, Torpedo
Class: High-Tech, Aircraft


A powerful aircraft that drops bombs on ground and naval units. It can hit submarines with Torpedos.

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Famicom Wars Map Tileset

“They sent us back with precisely one mission. Destroy Bean Island.” – Gerald, Time-Travelling Assassin

Things used to be done differently. Things animated less, were less colourful and probably were much uglier. So, let us relive those glory days!

Maybe we'll eventually get time-travelling buildings too

It’s a total blast from the past!

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Unit Veterancy

“We give our recruits a proper induction. They either kill their enemies or die horribly.” – Commander Pell

Time to clean up!

War’s a brutal, violent experience. But there’s always the opportunity for self improvement.

All newbies, raring to go!

Rank up!

Now with more dakka.


Every time a unit gets a kill, they go up a rank.

Units that rank up improve their skills.

Firstly by doing more damage.

More, just a bit more!

Their innocence has been thrown to the wind.

The real pros however, are better protected too!

Bombers gotta bomb

Or maybe I'll pick this one?

Oh boy.

You don’t mess with the pros.

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“To perform maintenance on a malfunctioning device, apply repeated pressure to the device using a large metallic rod in several successive motions. If a metallic rod is not available, one’s appendages may suffice” – Engineer’s Maintenance Handbook, Chapter 3

The process to bring a new unit to the battlefield is a lot more arduous than one might think. Sure, we might just give an order – the little guys out there have to carry it out…

Time to get spamming!

First one's out of the gate!

As such, we always want…MORE!

Those hats aren't cheap, you know.

Whoa. Turns out that the costs will rise depending on how many you have on the field. We’re environmentally friendly these days…and recycle.


Repairs never go up in price, though. There’s always a used parts market. You don’t get any extra for joining units either….

Oh dear.

Might want to keep things under control, though!

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